From the Pastor’s Screen – June 2017

Pastor Deb Davis

From June 26th through the 30th, I will once again be attending the Washington Island Forum in Wisconsin as a part of my yearly continuing education study.

This year’s speaker is John Dominic Crossan, one of the foremost Jesus scholars of our time, who has written many books, several in collaboration with the late Jesus scholar Marcus Borg. Crossan is also a professor emeritus at De Paul University.

His theme for the week is The Challenge of the Christian Bible and his daily topics will include:

  • Original Sin: Sexual temptation or escalatory violence?
  • Covenantal Law: Human destiny or divine sanction?
  • God’s kingdom: Violent revolt or nonviolent resistance? “Crossan is one of the foremost Jesus scholars of our time.”
  • Christianity’s criterion: Historical Jesus or apocalyptic Jesus?

All of these topics will offer big questions to think about during the week and long after the week has ended. I hope to share much of what I learn with all of you in future sermons.

Pastor Judy will be in the office until July 5 and the Reverend Doug Miller will be in the pulpit on July 2.

Washington Island, WI is a beautiful and quiet retreat as well, where Paul and I will spend time on its lakeshores and wooded trails.

So it will be great learning … great relaxing … a great week away!