From the Pastor’s Screen – March 2018


Elizabeth Cady Stanton and two of her three sons.

On Sunday, March 25, PULSE will feature Trine University professor, Dr. Sarah Young.

Many of you know Sarah through auditing her classes at Trine and her engagement in community activism and activities.

Her topic is “Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the Women’s Bible, and the Church’s Old, Old Story.”

During her time with us, she will examine Stanton’s late 19th century feminist interpretation of the scriptures and reflect on how arguments about women’s role in the church have repeated themselves for  centuries in American culture, still silencing women’s voices today.

If some of you don’t know much about Elizabeth Cady Stanton, she was an American suffragist, social activist, abolitionist, and leading figure of the early women’s rights movement.

According to Wikipedia, Stanton died in 1902, having written both The Woman’s Bible and her autobiography, Eighty Years and More, and many other articles and pamphlets about female suffrage and women’s rights.

Our PULSE series has offered interesting, educational, and timely topics and, during this month of March, when we celebrate Women’s History Month, we once again have a great opportunity to learn.

A big thank-you to Gayle Newton and Jennifer Decker for arranging these sessions. If you have topics to suggest, please talk with one of them.