From The Pastor’s Screen – April 2018

Pastor Deb Davis

Council has approved a request by David Grim, that he be allowed to complete his required field education work at FCUCC.

David has preached here twice during the past year, and is currently a licensed UCC minister at Plymouth UCC in Fort Wayne, as well as a seminary student at Chicago Theological Seminary.

He will need to complete 400 hours with us beginning in the fall of 2018(and perhaps some hours as early as this summer).

He will be working with the youth, doing pastoral care, preaching, and offering support in Sunday worship – and he may even teach a class or two. I also hope we can get him involved in our teen coffeehouse mission at Cahoots.

The best field education experience is one that allows the student to learn about all phases of ministry and so that is what we will try to offer David since his plan is to do pastoral ministry after his graduation from CTS.

David currently works full time for the Fort Wayne Parks Department and is in seminary part time. He is married to Michelle Grim and they have five children that range from high school to elementary school.

So needless to say, David is very busy. Most of his time with us will be completed on Sundays and some Wednesday evenings.

I am excited to have David with us, sharing his gifts for ministry. He will broadened his own experience as well as ours.

Beyond that, however, is the very important role of the local church in preparing new leadership to nurture and lead the church into the future. That is a role I take very seriously and I hope you do too.

We are blessed to have David make this request and I hope we can also become a blessing to him over the next many months.