From the Pastor’s Screen – August, 2018

Pastor Deb Davis

A few weeks ago, I received a group email from the Reverend Daryl Emowrey at Calvary Lutheran Church, asking if any clergy in town would be interested in collaborating on some community dialogue.

Five pastors responded and met with Pastor Daryl – Father Tom from the Episcopal Church, Father Bob from St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Pastor Traci from AUMC and I.

Pastor Daryl explained his hope that together we could facilitate some Community Conversations making use of a process he had recently learned and has been using in his own church, Deliberative Dialogue.

The goal is to take current issues and be able to discuss them with civility – even when we disagree with each other – and in that dialogue perhaps hear something new.

Pastor Daryl trained several pastors and a member of Community Coalition for Change (CCC) in that technique recently and we are now ready to offer four “conversations” at Cahoots on four Thursdays in August.

The churches will offer a 15-minute prayer service prior to each conversation beginning at 6:30 p.m. … also at Cahoots, which is optional for those who attend the 7-8:30 p.m. conversations.

Besides all of that, these conversations will offer our churches a chance for collaboration and perhaps model for our community that even when we don’t agree on some issues, we are able to be in conversation and truly listen to each other.

We are all excited to offer these conversations and hope that all of you will be there to participate!

And a big thank-you to Pastor Daryl for initiating this process!