From the Pastor’s Screen – October, 2018

Pastor Deb Davis

‘Boss’ and the Guinea Pigs

On a recent Sunday, Rita Lechleidner was telling the youth a story during worship, and in the process of talking about David Grim’s new role at our church, she turned and asked him what he wanted the youth to call him.

David immediately responded, ”Boss!” And then Rita responded, “And that makes all of us your guinea pigs!” All that sounded like a rock band to me, so “Boss and the Guinea Pigs” it is! The rock band is starting to play!

The “boss” has begun his school year seminary internship with us and will be participating in worship, leading a variety of activities on Thursday nights, and will be spending some Sunday morning time with our youth as well.

Lois McEntarfer, Reverend Douglas Miller and I will be working with David as his worship “feedback” committee

Also David is not being paid to be with us, except when he preaches and I am away; Council has approved a mileage stipend of $200 per month.

So please be mindful of David’s time, especially on Thursday evenings. If you want to have a longer conversation, please make an appointment with him for that to happen.

I also need to make it very clear – yet again – that David is not candidating with our Pastoral Search Committee. He has at least two more years of seminary before he is ready to take that step.

So let’s be grateful for his time with us, and hopefully we can learn much from each other and make some great music!