From the Pastor’s Screen – November 2018

Pastor Deb Davis


Just to show you how much I embrace diversity, on a recent Saturday I put on a brand new Purdue sweatshirt and headed to Valparaiso University to watch a Purdue Fort Wayne baseball game.

It was hard for this IU diehard to “don” that sweatshirt – first time I ever have – and even harder to admit it to my brother and my nephew who bleed black and gold.

But I did it because grandson Tyler is now playing baseball for PFW … and because I love him it was really a no-brainer.

Sometimes accepting others can be just that simple. We love someone who is not exactly like us, someone who thinks differently or lives differently or makes different choices than we have made and still we learn to grow into acceptance.

Yet we are probably all a bit like the author Anne Lamott, who said in a recent blog that she has always thought about writing a book titled, “All the People I Hate: A Christians Perspective.” And perhaps we have too.

But Lamott said then she remembers we are not supposed to hate because hate is ugly and diminishes the soul of the hater.

And of course because she also knows that God has created a community called “All of Us” … one that even includes you and me, because thankfully, she says, our God has low standards.