From the Pastor’s Screen – January 2019

Pastor Deb Davis

We will soon have turned the corner on a new year, and 2019 promises to be a busy and exciting year for our congregation!

The search is on for a new minister, we will celebrate our 150th year as a congregation in Angola, and Paul and I will say good-bye to you after many wonderful and blessed years of ministering together.

So with all this causing excitement – and some stress! – perhaps our New Year’s resolution should be that we are extra kind and extra understanding with each other.

Stress, whether good or bad, puts a lot of pressure on a family system, according to people who study these things, and the church operates very much like a family system.

Imagine if you will, the church family as a mobile in pretty good balance most of the time. But, when there is any one piece of that mobile that is removed, or a different piece added, the whole balance can be thrown off and then the other pieces have to adjust to get back in balance. That is what happens in our families and that is what can happen in our church family.

So, the more aware we are that people might feel more anxious than usual and that stress levels may be higher, the better able we will be to manage it and make it through in great shape.

So let’s become those “kinder and gentler” people in the next few months … people who help each other through this. Don’t easily take offense, don’t overreact, find a friendly ear to listen … whatever helps you to stay in balance.