What We Believe

bible-loveWe believe God’s grace is for all of us and all of creation – and that all of creation is filled with God and is blessed by God … that is to say, we are the recipients of “original blessing” in the words of theologian Matthew Fox. We believe the Bible is our “family’s” sacred story. Like the earliest church fathers, we do not see the Bible as inerrant, but rather as a book with deep truths for our lives today.

Jesus, who referred to himself as the Human One, is our window to God through his life and teachings, his death, and his new life. We believe his death, at the hands of the Roman Empire, was not God’s plan for his life, but rather the tragic outcome of speaking truth to power. We believe God wept at his tragic death and that God weeps at all of the tragedies that beset humanity, since God’s promise to us throughout scripture is the promise of “presence with us” in all aspects of our life’s journey.

We believe asking questions and wrestling to find answers are important to our growing faith and so we never leave our brains at the front door! For indeed, God is still speaking,