Faith Formation: Youth and Children

Our Youth and Children’s Programs are growing. We are committed to the full personhood of youth and children and work to give them access to all of church life and faith. We encourage questions while we follow Christ, listen for the Spirtit in our lives, and strive to love and honor God in joy and humility.

Children’s Church: A Comprehensive Program of Inclusion

  • In the sanctuary: Children have a space of their own in the sanctuary, with quiet activities, books, and coloring so that whether they want to sit in the pews with family and friends or sit at the children’s table, they are in worship and know that they belong. Our sanctuary shepherds, adults who volunteer to help children and families feel comfortable at church on Sunday, are on hand each week.
  • Storytime for All Ages: Each Sunday someone from the congregation or our pastor delivers a message that is addressed to our youngest churchgoers, but resonates with even our most mature members. This message often focuses on the learning the children will do in the learning room.
  • Children’s Church: After storytime, kids are escorted by our Children’s Church shepherds (adult volunteers who lead our learning time) to the learning room for a lesson around the message and theme of the day. Kids are welcome to join the learning or remain in the sanctuary.

Middle and High School Youth: Faith, Fellowship, and Service

  • Youth Group: This group is self-directed and meets quarterly with the pastor and adult youth mentors. We meet in the fall to plan our activities for the year, which include learning and fellowship, as well as service and spiritual development. This group is open to all middle and high school students and their friends.
  • Confirmation: The Confirmation Program runs on a two-year cycle and is open to any high school-aged student, though we encourage participation beginning freshman year. In Year A, confirmands choose an adult Christian mentor and agree to quarterly meetings to learn about all things church: from UCC history to exploring worship services at different denominations and learning about other faiths, this year culminates in a trip to the UCC headquarters in Cleveland. Between quarterly meetings, youth and their mentors will have self-directed experiences. In Year B, confirmands and mentors and family members engage in spiritual and prayer practices, learn about theology, and prepare to make a credo (a statement of personal belief) to share at their Confirmation ceremony. Youth can enter the program at any time; they will participate for two consecutive years so that they experience both the Year A and Year B cirriula.