Faith Formation: Adults

Adult Faith Formation includes various approaches to learning, praying, serving, and growing in our faith.

  • Scripture Stories: Most Thursdays at noon we meet for Bible study in a program we call “Scripture Stories.” We might look at an entire book of the Bible or examine Scripture passages relating to a book we are studying. We might look closely at one pericope (a word that means, essentially, “story unit”), like the story of the Good Samaritan, or a passage from one of Paul’s letters to an ancient church. Check our calendar for meeting times.
  • Prayer Circle: Maintained by our elected Deacons, Prayer Circle is a weekly commitment to pray for our church and community. We provide Prayer Circle members with prayer tools like Protestant prayer beads and lap labyrinths to aid in the richness of their prayer life.
  • Special Services: We host various special services throughout the year, most notable during Advent and Lent to offer sacred time and space for prayer and contemplation.
  • Learning and LIstening Opportunities: We often have guest speakers, book studies, and training opportunities for adults to learn and grow.