From The Pastor’s Screen – June 2019

Pastor Deb Davis

Our 150th Anniversary Celebration kickoff on May 5 was a great day! Colorful t-shirts filled the sanctuary, Reverend Chad Abbot gave us an inspiring message, and our young people put the first books in our Little Free Library as they ate cupcakes on the church’s front lawn.

If you weren’t able to be present with us, we created a brief 150 Year History of our church which is available in the church office – one per family please!

Our church has had an amazing 150 years and my hope is that the next 150 years will be just as filled with mission, an inclusive community, and a focus on the way of Jesus.

Although I will be leaving our church this month and heading to retirement, my prayer for all of you is that you will start building for that next 150 years. We have stood on many shoulders during our history, and now we must build those strong shoulders so all the generations that follow us will also find a place to plant their feet.